Shaggy to Chic Dog Grooming: Services and Prices


"Prices vary according to size, condition of coat, and temperament.  Phone estimates may differ after assessment upon arrival.  Any pet found with fleas and/or ticks will automatically be bathed with an all- natural flea/tick shampoo and charged accordingly."



All Natural Specialty Bath Add-ons: 

Flea & Tick, Medicated, Aloe, Coat Whitening or Brightening, etc.

Small:  $10                     Medium:  $12                   Large:  $15


Blueberry Facial full coat whitening or brightening package (Facial, Full Coat Shampoo & Massage, and Blueberry Facial Cologne):

Small:  $10                     Medium:  $12                 Large:  $15


Blueberry Facial   (Facial,  Shampoo, Massage, 5 minute warm towel head wrap of head only and Blueberry Facial Cologne):

Small:  $8                    Medium:  $9                 Large:  $10



Teeth & Breath Treatment:  $10

Ear Clean or Flush:  $8

Nail Clipping:  $10

Nail Painting:  $10

Nail Dremel/Grinding:  $5

De-shed  brush out only:  Sm. $10   Med. $12    Lg. $15


All Natural Shampoo Bath and Dry includes ear cleaning, nail clipping, expressing of anal glands, finishing spray, cologne, bandana or bows.  Pricing is based upon size and breed.  Please call for pricing.

Sanitary Add-On (anus and groin area trim for odor control) $5

Tidy-Up Add-On of Feet (trimming of pads and top rounding of feet), Eyes and Sanitary Areas (anus and groin area trim for odor control)

Small:  $15         Medium:  $20                Large:  $25

Full Groom includes everything listed in both the All Natural Bath and Dry, Tidy Up, and the all over clipping of the body, legs, head, ears, and tail.  Pricing is based upon size, breed and pattern difficulty.  Please call for pricing.

De-Shedding pricing is double the cost of a Bath and Dry for your mix/breed. Included in pricing is the Bath and Dry.  Pricing is based upon size and breed.  Please call for pricing.

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Shaggy To Chic Dog | Services:

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Description of Services

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is the process of pulling or plucking out the dead outer guard hairs of wired-haired or “rough-coated” breeds by hand, using fingers or a stripping knife, once the coat is "blown" rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new “harsh” wire coat to grow in.  It sounds worse than it is. It does not hurt the dog. Read More...


Blueberry Facial Pampers Your Favorite Friend

Your pet will enjoy the benefits and you will love the sweet smell. The blueberry scrub will brighten and clean your pet's face better than just a normal shampoo. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. It has blueberries, aloe vera, avocado, coconut oil and blueberries. Not only are these some of the most beneficial fruits and vegetables, but they also have a lot of antioxidants that rejuvenate the appearance of your pet.  Read More...


Shedding Dogs

Shedding is a natural loss of hair in dogs that allows the new coat to come in. All dogs shed; some more than others. There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog, unless you have a completely hairless dog, such as the American Hairless Terrier; however shedding varies greatly from breed to breed.  Read More...


Teeth Cleaning Services

More than 85% of dogs and cats older than four years have periodontal concerns. According to the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry (Dec. '96), tooth-brushing on an occasional basis is not enough to maintain healthy gums in dogs.  Shaggy To Chic offers a teeth cleaning add-on service for just $8 utilizing Oxyfresh Pet Gel. Read More...

Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Puppy Grooming Training

Prior to your puppy’s first groom, you are encouraged to bring puppy by for a little visit to hear all the sounds, experience the smells of the salon and to become acquainted with our groomers and the grooming environment.  Help us help your puppy to have a good first visit.  Read More...


The Trouble with Mats!

Preventing mats (solid tangles of fur) in your pet is not only important for his style, but also for his health. Mats occur when adjacent hairs start to tangle together and knot. When the hairs tangle together, they pull on the animal's skin. The larger and tighter the mat, the more it pulls. At best, this pulling is uncomfortable. At worst, it can actually impede the animal's movement. Sometimes mats will actually rip patches of hair out of the skin, leaving bald spots underneath.   Read More...